Welcome to the Power 2 People Party website – the home of true change for Australians.

The Commonwealth Constitution dictates that you are the “Supreme, Absolute, Uncontrollable Authority” in this country.  As such, it is now high time to give the power back to the people and that is what the “Power to People party” is all about!

This website will be updated regularly as the party develops.

Right now, we need to have the party officially registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and, in order to do that, we require a minimum of 500 people as registered members, who are not members of any other parties but who are enrolled to vote.

Please note, this does not mean you will asked to ‘run for office’ or help the day-to-day running of the party – although there will be an opportunity to do that if you want to – it just means that you are signing up to support the party and what it stands for – please see our policy principles below – and want to help us get started. We have included some FAQ’s about this process at the very bottom of this page.

So, if you fit the criteria and would like to be part of bringing about some true change in this country and giving the power back to the people, then please use the form on the right hand side of this page to register your interest in becoming a party member.

To find out more about the people behind this political party, what they stand for and what they are trying to achieve, please be sure to check out the Know Your Rights group – www.knowyourrightsgroup.com.au

In the meantime, a number of people have asked us what our policies will be. These will obviously be fully developed once we have been formally recognized as an official party, but we have outlined some of our policy principles below.

1.Taxation reform consistent with the Commonwealth Constitution.
A) As inherited, all taxes are voluntary for all subjects of the Commonwealth – all public infrastructure to be funded by the National Estate (All commodities and natural resources within the Commonwealth of Australia).
B) We will show that the entire country can be successfully funded through the correct taxation of corporations without the need for people to pay personal income tax.
C) The source of this funding shall be through consolidated revenue according to the Commonwealth Constitution.

2. Bank reform back to the provisions in the Commonwealth Constitution.
A) Revert the current Reserve Bank of Australia back the old public Commonwealth bank, so as to eliminate the fraud currently committed by the private banks.
B) Re-establish the safety net that was the public Commonwealth Bank, ensuring that people’s savings are sured up by the Commonwealth Bank.

3. Local Government reform.
A) Eliminate local councils’ ability to operate as defacto third tiers of government and re-naming them accordingly – ie. removing the word “government”.

4. Legislator reform in line with the Commonwealth Constitution.
A) The legislator of any legislation must be in accordance with Section 1 of the Commonwealth Constitution, until otherwise changed by Referendum.
B) We will also promote an elected Head of Power to ensure that all laws follow due process and that all laws can show their authority for creation.

5. Focus law enforcement on eliminating true crimes – ie. any that create an actual victim – and stop punishing innocent subjects for fake crimes against The State where no victim exists – eg. traffic fines, and prohibition against consumables (eg. marijuana.)
A) Eliminate any uncorroborated evidence being admitted to court.
B) We will promote election of all judicial officers as opposed to them being promoted by The State and thus, creating a conflict of interest.
C) We will enforce the use of Grand Juries as the mainstay of any indictable offence.

6. Adhere to Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – ie. no forced medication (vaccinations, fluoride, forced mental health care).

7. Eliminate the Family Court and set up mediation counselling as a replacement.

8. Encourage education of all the people, of the Commonwealth of Australia, alerting them to the importance of the Commonwealth Constitution and validly approved laws.
A) Install a law that anyone who stands at any election must pass a test on their specific knowledge of the Commonwealth Constitution.


Q: How do we ‘make’ a new political party?
A: By following the requirements of the AEC.

Q: What are these requirements?
A: There are many. For detailed information there are a number of documents are available on the AEC’s web site; www.aec.gov.au
Use search terms such as “start a political party” and select the relevant results.

Q: Can you provide a couple of examples of the type of documents?
A1: Registering a party (when you don’t already have someone in parliament):
A2: Creating a set of ‘guidelines’ or ‘constitution’ so that the AEC knows your application is worthy of consideration:

Q. What are some of the initial requirements to ‘get the ball rolling’?
A1: Get the basic details of 500 people who agree with the idea of the formation of the party.
Important notes:
These are not names of people who will be nominated to be a candidate (though that is a voluntary option later on).
These 500 names are an indication of ‘interest’ or ‘strength’ of the need for another political party and is the minimum number of people to justify the application for registration. (It’s a long, involved process!)

A2: These 500 people must not already be a member of a political party.
A3: They must be Australian citizens (ie: They are on the electoral roll)